Jyotish Blessings points to the beauty of this life here on earth, how the planets are acting on us every day, and how all the celestial energies are a blessing.


What is exactly going on here? Why are some days so stunning beautiful and significant, while other days we feel like pulling the covers over our heads and staying  there all day? (Plus the many days between those two extremes).

In truth, some days are diamonds; some days are stone. And yet in every moment lies a chance to go beyond all that is seen, all that is felt, all that is thought about. There is knowledge and wisdom contained in the ancient Indian scriptures, the Vedas, that delineate a way beyond this material world. Vedic astrology is part of that vault of wisdom and grace.

The study of the planets can teach us so much about ourselves and others, and the energies that act on us can be seen literally in the stars. These stars can be read, analyzed, and deciphered. At the exact moment we are born, the sky has a certain configuration – and in vedic astrology, we use the snapshot of that birth sky to explain, discern, and glean a clear cut synopsis of the person born at that particular time at that particular place.

In addition, we take the snapshot of the present-day sky and compare the planets, their power and position, with the original birth chart. From this analysis, we have a clear view of inborn traits and characteristics coupled with influences of the present day sky. The result is a composite of who you are and a map of your present and future tendencies. This is what occurs in a general reading.

Vedic astrology is a lifelong study, and this site is just a beginning, and will be updated constantly