The Nine Planets – Their Powers and Their Path

 Sun – Shiva – Rama (Divine power) – from confidence to clarity

Moon – The goddess – Krishna (Divine love) – from emotion to peace

Mars – Kartikeyya – Narasimha (Divine courage) – from aggression to strength

Mercury – Vishnu – Buddha (Divine skill) – from distraction to discrimination

Jupiter – Ganesha – Vamana (Divine wisdom) – from dogma to purpose

Venus – Lakshmi – Parasurama (Divine beauty) – from pleasure to bliss

Saturn – Brahma – Kurma (Divine structure) – from fear to sensitivity

Rahu – Durga – Varaha (Divine attachment) – from obsession to purity

Ketu – Ganesha – Meena (Divine detachment) – from disgust to deliverance


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