Moon Diary 1.26.15

Monday is associated with the Moon.

The Moon is the Mother, the font of unconditional love, the goddess of connection and the ruler over water, the seas, and the plant kingdom. Moon is the mind. If you find yourself moody, emotional and sensitive, that is the Moon being acted upon by stressful forces.

Today is a bhadra day – bhadra means blessed.

Today is the 7th day of the waxing Moon, Shukla Saptami, and the deity is Indra.

Indra is the chief deity in ancient Vedic Hinduism and the god of war and rain, which were the greatest concerns of the people in India at that time. He separated the heavens and the earth by defeating Vrtra, a snake-dragon representation of chaos and obstacles.

The Moon is in the nakshatra of Ashwini, in the sign of Aries. Aswhini is ruled by Ketu, and Aries is ruled by Mars. This can be seen as physically vigorous (Mars) and emotionally detached (Ketu).

The deity of Aswini is the twin horses – horses are a symbol of prana, breath and vitality. The twin horses show the impulsive nature of Aries that needs to be harnessed and focused.

The Moon in Ashwini is reflective of possessing an enthusiastic drive towards the goal.

So this is a day where lots of work can be accomplished. There’s enthusiasm and warrior energy in the mind. Monday is a fresh start in the work world, and the balance to all this enthusiasm and vigor would be to stop, listen, feel – to take time out from the goal-orientated moments to just be aware of the moment and all that entails.

So yes, by all means, dive into your work or a project you’ve been thinking about. You could write a song, or fix the hinge on the back door, or hang a painting that’s been sitting against the wall on the floor for months. Or maybe at work you are ready to dig deep into the pile of paperwork waiting in your in-box. And when you do stop for a moment to take a break, take a few deep breaths and maybe, just maybe, you’ll realize all that you are and all that you’ll always be.

Traditionally an auspicious day for marriage; dance, music, singing; traveling.