Moon Diary 4.6.15

Monday is associated with the Moon.

Moon, also known as Chandra, is about connection, unconditional love, and mother energy. Moon rules over the water element, and by extension, is also the ruler of plants and the vegetable kingdom.

The Moon is an auspicious Sattvic planet – it is considered benefic in its waxing cycle and represents the energy that creates and preserves.

Today is a Jaya day – Jaya meaning triumphant.

Today is Krishna Tritiya, the 18th lunar day and the 3rd day of the waning Moon. The diety is Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu is know as the Paramatman (supreme soul) and is regarded as a major god in Hinduism and Indian mythology. He is thought of as the preserver of the universe.

The Moon is in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, and in the Nakshatra of Swati, ruled by Rahu. The deity of Swati is Vayu, the god of wind. Wind represents thoughts and powerful ideas in the mind

Air and Vayu are also related to prana, which is the vitality in the breath.

So there is much energy revolving around the preservation of goodness, and at the same time, the extraction of life force from the ideas and energy in the air – feeling the essence of what is real in every moment – related to the prana energy that keeps everyone and everything alive.

So today is also about connection, and keeping the mind from going all over the map – keeping the attention on the here and now.

So pause and breathe, feeling the connection with Source and all beings everywhere – take time to connect with your own family, your relatives, your co-workers, your friends – take time to say hello to someone you don’t like. Bless everyone you meet with your presence and positive attitude, and your connection with all that is real will be realized and strengthened.

Traditionally a good day for artistic activities.