Moon Diary 4.13.15

Monday is associated with the Moon.

The Moon is the Mother, the font of unconditional love, the goddess of connection and the ruler over water, the seas, and the plant kingdom. Moon is the mind, the emotions, and pure feminine. If you find yourself moody, emotional and sensitive, that is the Moon being acted upon by stressful forces.

Today is the 10th day of the waning Moon, Krishna Dashami, also the 25th day in the Moon cycle.

The deity associated with Krishna Dashami is Dharmaraja – who’s responsible for everything that’s related to Dharma and righteous way of living.

In addition, this is a Purna day, a day of fullness.

The moon is in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, and in the Nakshatra of Sravana, ruled by the Moon, and the deity is Lord Vishnu.

The lesson of Sravana is to listen and hear not only what is being said, but to hear the truth beneath the words, beneath the sounds, beneath the voices. It is also related to mantra, sound, singing, sacred vibration and manifesting things. Things manifest through sound and Lord Vishnu is the one who manifests.

Lord Vishnu is know as the Paramatman (supreme soul) and is regarded as a major god in Hinduism and Indian mythology. He is thought of as the preserver of the universe.

So today is a holy day, a day of fullness, a day of blessings from Lord Vishnu and the god of Dharma, with Saturn ruling the Moon in Capricorn.

A sweet day for prayer, for doing yoga, for meditation, for any type of sadhana – a good day for blessing silently everyone you meet – good day for praying for all the loved ones who have departed and passed to the other side – a day for listening to the truth, coming through the lips of everyone who speaks to you – a day for listening underneath all that is said to the essence of dharma and truth that permeates all creation – great day for listening to nature and hearing that same dharma and truth.

So yes, it’s true we have to work in the world, and we’re all fighting something in ourselves, or we’re fighting obstacles, or we’re fighting our own mind – but the truth is always there, waiting for us to listen, and that is one of the lessons of this day.

Traditionally an auspicious day for all ceremonies and events.