Moon Diary 4.27.15

Monday is associated with the Moon.

Moon is also known as Chandra – it is about connection, unconditional love, and mother energy. Moon rules over the water element, and by extension, is also ruler of plants and the vegetable kingdom.

The Moon is an auspicious Sattvic planet – it is considered benefic in its waxing cycle, and represents the energy that creates and preserves.

Today is a Purna day; Purna means full.

Today is the 10th day of the lunar cycle, Shukla Dashami, and the deity is Dharmaraja – who’s responsible for everything that’s related to Dharma and righteous way of living.

The Moon is in the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun, and in the Nakshatra of Mugha, ruled by Ketu. Moon in Magha points to the part of us that feels entitled to a certain amount of power, dignity, and respect. The deities of Magha are the Pitris, who represent the ancestors and familial lineage that has brought us into this time and place.

So this is, for one, a day of dharma – giving full appreciation of one’s true and righteous path; it is also a day of feeling entitled to a certain amount of respect and power; and finally a day of honoring all the ancestors and relatives that have helped us come into this present day.

This could easily be a day of prayer, contemplation, and meditation. Practically speaking, this could be a day to call your mom or dad to express your love and gratitude; or tell your kids they are amazing; or visit with your grandparents; or give quiet thanks to the life you’ve been given, to the hand you’ve been dealt.

It also could be a time to let go of any expectation or feelings of entitlement – just let go of holding onto any way of thinking and proceed one moment at a time, going deeper into what the moment may bring. It may be a day where you feel more powerful than usual – if so, you could easily write a song, or clean out the garage, or sweep the back patio – just put your power to practical use, and it will be thrilling to get so much accomplished.

Traditionally an auspicious day for all ceremonies and activities.