Moon Diary 2.2.15

Monday is associated with the Moon.

Today is a  Rikta day – Rikta meaning stressed.

Today is the 14th day of the waxing cycle of the Moon, Shukla Chaturdashi, and the deity is Kali. The Moon is nearly full.

Kali’s name means “She who is black.” She is generally depicted half-naked, with a garland of skulls, a belt of severed limbs and waving weapons with two of her 10 hands. She is often dancing on a prostrate Shiva, who looks up at her admiringly. Two of Kali’s hands are empty and in the mudras (gestures) of protection and fearlessness. Her tongue is stuck out to swallow up evil and negative thoughts.

The Moon is in the sign of Cancer – the sign it rules – and in the Nakshatra of Pushya, ruled by Saturn. The deity for Pushya is Brihaspati who is the Vedic priest. The two distinctive qualities of Pushya are that of being nurturing and having  a persistent nature.

So the Moon shows up in a big in its own house on a Monday, nearly full, with Kali adding an element of intensity.

If you find yourself just feeling the world and your own emotions today, more than usual, it’s the Moon that has your attention. This could be a “tough love” correction day, and best to know not take anything to heart – go with the flow with the family, the boss, the girlfriend, the boyfriend, the kids, the parents – let anything you experience just roll off your back and just keep going, knowing the Moon, the lovely sweet Moon, is tugging on the fluid in your body and you’re feeling a pressure that will soon ease. The Moon is also about unconditional love and nurturing, so throw a kind word to anyone close to you, pat a tree gently as you walk past it, nod to the sweet elderly lady in the supermarket, for we all can use a dose of kindness.

Good day to chant to Shiva and honor the energy of fierceness and aggression, knowing it has its place.