Moon Diary 2.3.15

Tuesday is associated with Mars.

Mars is the warrior, the soldier, and gives determination and drive. He can be argumentative, and short-tempered. He brings to the table a strong sense of purpose and an independent spirit.

Today is the 15th and final day of the waxing Moon – Shukla Purnima – Full Moon – auspicious day for ceremonies, spiritual practices, and the manifestation of wishes. The brightness of the Moon is an indicator of strength and auspiciousness, and for any action to bear fruit, the Moon should be strong, and it is strongest when full.

So yes it is a Purna day – Purna meaning full.

Shukla Purnima is ruled by Jupiter, and the deity is Chandra, which in reality, is the Moon. The influence of the Chandra can be interpreted as “one that bestows soberness and clarity.”

The Full Moon is in its own sign. Cancer, and in the Nakshatra of Alsesa, which is ruled by Mercury and represents getting free of entanglements – the serpent energy can be binding – showing emotional attachment to one’s own desires.

So the Moon is flying high, being in its own sign, and being bright and full and glorious; and Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are also in the mix.

The full Moon is an auspicious time, where the light shines on your being, day and night; when the tides are swollen, the emotions can run high, and the swooning comes easy just by catching a glimpse of the big round electric pie in the sky.

The Moon, Alice, the Moon!

A great day for all ceremonies and worship – an especially sweet day for praying, singing, and chanting the praises of the Holy Name. An ideal time for wishing on the Moon and visualizing the manifestation of good in lives of everyone, everywhere.