Moon Diary 2.17.15

Tuesday is associated with Mars.

Mars rules over courage, bravery, self-confidence, and leadership qualities. He is fond of law and order, is related to short-temperedness, and can be argumentative. Also related to soldiers, policemen, lovers of weapons.

Today is a Rikta day – Rikta meaning stressful.

Today is the 14th day of the waning Moon, Krishna Chaturdashi, the 29th lunar day. Shiva is the deity.

Shiva is about battle and transforming that which no longer serves into more evolved and higher-principled action and outcomes. Shiva is the ascetic dweller of the mountains and the cosmic dancer, who with His third eye destroys evil.

The Moon is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, and in the Nakshatra of Sravana, ruled by the Moon and the deity is Lord Vishnu.

Sravana literally means listening for the truth, behind the words that are spoken, not just the literal words. The Moon in this placement gives one the ability to discern truth from illusion in speech, and also in feelings and thoughts, if one is in tune in that way (empaths and mind-readers).

Vishnu is the embodiment of mercy and goodness; the all-pervading power that preserves the universe and maintains the cosmic order.

So there’s a good bit of male energy on tap today – a day of action, hard work, organization and preserving what has been accomplished up to this point.

Good day for getting things done, for listening to one’s own heart, for finding the meaning behind what others are saying. Just make the effort to stop and listen – maybe the universe will bring forth its voice – they say that God is talking to us all the time, if only we could stop the chatter in our own mind to hear what He/She is saying.

Listen to your own heart song, find your own melody, dance to your own beat.

Traditionally, a good day for spiritual practices.