Moon Diary 2.25.15

Wednesday is associated with Mercury.

Mercury is about our ability to communicate, our intelligence, logical thinking, our curiosity.

Today is the 8th day of the waxing Moon, Shukla Ashtami, also known as the 8th tithi or 8th lunar day.

Today is a Jaya day – Jaya meaning triumphant.

The deity of Shukla Ashtami are the Vasus. In Hinduism the Vasus are attendant deities of Indra, and later Vishnu. They are eight elemental gods representing aspects of nature and cosmic natural phenomenon.

The Moon is in the sign of Taurus, exalted no less, and in the Nakshatra of Rohini, ruled by the Moon.

Rohini literally means growth, and the Moon is said to be most at home in this nest of growth, since the Moon is all about connection and loves the feeling of expansion and feeling the enjoyment of life.

Rohini has a particular emotional affinity for plants and horticultural activities.

So the Vasus are in the mix, the Moon is exalted, and Mercury rules the day.

Good day to water the plants, get seeds started for Spring, start planning a garden.

Also a great day for feeling the joy and satisfaction (Moon) of good communication and using your skills to be productive (Mercury). So by all means, organize your desk, send an email to an old friend, write that song that’s been trolling through your mind, take time to write about what you are feeling.

Also, maybe connect with your spouse, spend some time with your kids, flash a smile at everyone you meet.

Traditionally, an inauspicious day for most ceremonies.