Monday is associated with the Moon.

The Moon represents our mind, our feelings, the Mother principle – the energy that creates and preserves. Moon is the deity of the element of water – the sphere of the Moon is the reservoir of rainwater and thus is the ruler of plants and the vegetable kingdom.

Today is the 13th day of the waxing Moon, Shukla Trayodashi, and the deity is Kamadeva.

Kamadeva is responsible for forming friendships, sensual pleasures and gratification, sexual desire and its fulfillment. Also,  desires, wishes, passions, pleasure of the senses, the aesthetic enjoyment of life, affection.

You get the idea – Kamadeva is a sensual, art-loving love button.

Today is a Jaya day – Jaya means victory.

The Moon is in the sign of Cancer – the sign it rules – and in the Nakshatra of Pushya, ruled by Saturn. The deity for Pushya is Brihaspati who is the Vedic priest. The two distinctive qualities of Pushya are nurturing and being persistent.

The Moon is especially present today, being in its own sign and nearly full. There’s also the determined persistent energy of Saturn and Kamadeva’s sensual leanings.

This is a day where we may feel the pressure of deadlines; where we might feel good organizing our office or filing our piled-up paper work; where we might be tempted to eat too much while feeling the pressure of the day. It’s good to remember to breathe, to chant the mantra, to let go of any mounting pressure, to hug each of your family members with special zest. Maybe try to walk around the block; sing in the car loud and strong; lie on your back, against the wall with legs up in the air.

Traditionally a good day for writing and dancing.