Moon Diary 3.26.15

Thursday is associated with the planet Jupiter, representing higher teachings – what we are here to learn – and the expansion of wisdom and experience in our lives. Jupiter is a sattvic and benefic planet, and is said to be a significator of luck and fortune.

Today is a Bhadra day – Bhadra meaning blessed.

Today is the 7th day of the waxing Moon, Shukla Saptami, and the deity is Indra.

Indra is the chief deity in ancient Vedic Hinduism and the god of war and rain, which were the greatest concerns of the people in India at that time. He separated the heavens and the earth by defeating Vritra, a snake-dragon representation of chaos and obstacles. Indra is considered a warrior god and the lord of thunder and lightning.

The Moon is in the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and in the Nakshatra of Mrigashira, ruled by Mars. The deity of Mrigashira is Soma, who is the god of the immortal nectar. Soma is the nectar of immortality that drips down from the crown chakra – the result of achieving the deep states of inner bliss and ecstasy found in meditation.

So it’s a day of action (Mars and Indra) which results in following our highest inclinations (Jupiter), achieving a level of satisfaction and well being (Soma).

So the idea would be to do someone a favor – carry a friend’s shopping bag to the car, help an elderly lady cross the street, pick up a fallen toy for a child – it can be that simple. Or buy a gift for your spouse or lover, call a friend who’s not well, play cards with your kids, sit on the couch with your dog or cat, giving them some TLC – so yes, do something for others, with good intentions, and the nectar will be yours.

Traditionally, an auspicious day for ceremonies.