Moon Diary 3.30.15

Monday is associated with the Moon.

The Moon is our feelings, our mind, and represents the Mother principle, the energy that creates and preserves. Moon is the deity of the element of water, and rules over the tides of the sea. Moon is all about connection and unconditional love.

Today is a Nanda day, Nanda meaning happy.

Today is the 11th day of the waxing Moon, Shukla Ekadashi, and the deity is Rudra, who’s a version of Shiva. Rudra is known as the divine archer, who shoots arrows of death and disease, and who has to be implored not to slay or injure in his wrath. As a healer and a source of 1,000 remedies, he has also a beneficent aspect. Additionally, he is the god of wind and storms.

The moon is in the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and in the Nakshatra of Aslesha, ruled by Mercury. The deity of Aslesha is the serpent, the Sarpa, which entwines and wraps around things. That serpent energy or power is related to the Kundalini, the depth of life itself.

So the Moon rules the day, being in its own house of Cancer, and the overall feel of the day is Sattvic, looking for the highest and purest form in all that happens, in all we do, in all decisions to be made.

Today’s a day to feel the energy of Mercury working with the Serpent, and Rudra coming on strong with action – destroying the obstacles that slow us down. It would be wise to avoid entanglements that make us weak if indulged in too much – food, sensual pleasure, wine, drugs, laziness- and stay strong on what needs to get done. The temptation may be mighty but the idea is to practice moderation for the sake of avoiding detrimental choices.

Also a good day for communication of feelings – just say it out loud – to a friend, a family member, a co-worker, a neighbor. Sing your favorite song in the car, driving by yourself – sing it loud, sing it strong, sing it real.

So yes, stay active, make lists, organize and get the work done– and take time for everyone in your life, without rushing, without stress, without distraction. The Moon is feeling it all, being strong in its own sign, joined with its Sattvic brother, Jupiter, which makes this a high-minded day.

Great day for meditation and spiritual practices; traditionally a day of fasting from grains, dedicated to Lord Vishnu.