Moon Diary 5.13.15

Wednesday is associated with Mercury.

Mercury is about our ability to communicate, our intelligence, logical thinking, our curiosity.

Today is the 10th day of the waning Moon, Krishna Dashami, also the 25th day in the Moon cycle.

The deity associated with Krishna Dashami is Dharmaraja – who’s responsible for everything that’s related to Dharma and righteous way of living.

In addition, this is a Purna day, a day of fullness.

The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, and in the Nakashatra of Purva Bhadra Pada, ruled by Jupiter. The deity is Aja Ekapada, which means “one-footed goat”. The main thrust of this Nakshatra is pushing towards the goal – getting a glimpse of the Divine and being determined to go for union with the Infinite.

So it’s Mercury’s day, with Jupiter and Saturn and the god of Dharma watching over us all. Almost a holy day with so much benefic energy, reaching for a glimpse of the Divine.

Today would be excellent for speaking, writing, expressing all that inspires you – sit quietly and feel what truly gives you motivation and then write it down, sing it, speak it – write a poem, tell a friend, call someone who you resonate with and can hear what you are saying.

Also a good day for singing in the car – or saying something sweet to your kids – or speaking from your heart when talking to your partner or best friend.

Traditionally an auspicious day for all ceremonies and events.