Moon Diary 6.2.15 Full Moon in Scorpio (Vedic Astrology)

Tuesday, associated with the planet Mars, is good for initiating things.

Mars represents the energy of anger, and if used in an evolved way, can be utilized to achieve much and is quite useful in getting things done, thus channeling that sometimes violent and destructive energy for higher purposes and pragmatic accomplishments.

Tuesday is the 15th and final day of the waxing Moon – Shukla Purnima – Full Moon – auspicious day for ceremonies, spiritual practices, and the manifestation of wishes. The brightness of the Moon is an indicator of strength and auspiciousness, and for any action to bear fruit, the Moon should be strong, and it is strongest when full.

So yes it is a Purna day – Purna meaning full.

The Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars, and in the Nakshatra of Jyeshtha, ruled by Mercury. The deity of Jyeshtha of Indra, the god of all gods. The shakti of this nakshatra is to go to battle for what is righteous; the action to avoid is to turn everything into a war zone and become part of the drama royalty.

Such an interesting day – the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, aspected by Mars, Sun, and Mercury retrograde, and ruled by Mars and Mercury. The saving grace is that the Moon is also aspected by an exalted Jupiter.

So this Full Moon day could be intense, in terms of strong emotions (Mars) rising to the surface and needing to express them (Mercury). Turn to higher teachings (Jupiter) to stabilize the possible emotional upheaval in the making (chant the mantra, sing uplifting love songs, chant to Ganesh). Use Mercury and Jupiter to their fullest extent – Mercury is in an earth sign – grounding, and Jupiter is in a sattvic sign – uplifting.

Great day to color your books in your blanket tent fort.

If that’s not possible, take time to breathe, chant whenever possible, sing in the car, tell your family members and friends you love them – take a break and linger at the water cooler at work, take some deep breaths, sigh out loud, and go back to work.

Traditionally an auspicious day for all ceremonies and spritual practices.