Moon Diary 7.21.15

Tuesday is associated with Mars.

Mars is all about action, putting forth your ideas in an assertive way, and being willing to fight for what you believe. Mars is the lawyer, the soldier, will power.

Today is a Nanda day, Nanda meaning happiness.

Today is the 6th day of the waxing Moon, Shukla Shashti, whose deity is Kartikeya.

Kartikeya is the second son of the divine couple, Shiva and Parvathi, and the younger brother of Ganesha.

He tends to the spiritual growth of aspirants, having the fire and energy to lead the army towards moksha (liberation). He represents transmutation of sexual energy and utilizing such energy for spiritual evolution. He takes care of health, family life, healthy children, and assets such as land, etc. Fire and Mars relate to Karthikeya. He is considered the god of war and triumph.

The Moon is in the sidereal sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, and in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni, ruled by the Sun.

So Mars and Kartikeya bring a confluence of warrior energy to this day, while the Sun and Mercury add power and intelligence to the mix.

For openers, it’s a day of action, getting things done, taking matters in your own hands. A good day for tending to details, for messaging, writing, communicating (Mercury). Careful not to be overly assertive (Sun and Mars combination).

Easy does it – feel the surge of action and power that can be channeled into all the details that keep your life running and in good working order.

So today is also about courage and never giving up. And it can be that the courageous and warrior energy of this day is more about the feelings and the mind, and what is happening internally. Strong, passionate, courageous energies are on display, and drive the motivation, the thoughts, the mind.

Virgo is an earth sign, so the Moon here feels rooted – there’s a sense of standing on solid ground, which is a definite plus in the midst of all the warrior energy in play.

Traditionally a good day for commerce, especially real estate.