Moon Diary 7.25.15

Saturday is associated with the planet Saturn.

Saturn (a.k.a Shani) is a malefic planet, a planet of learning.

It is considered one of life’s greatest teachers.

When well placed, it gives its natives integrity, wisdom, patience, perseverance, authority, and organizational abilities.

When not well placed or ill-aspected, it can bring miseries, sorrow, delays, disappointment, and disharmony.

Today is a Rikta day, Rikta meaning stressed. The adjective sometimes used is fierce.

Today is the 9th day of the waxing Moon, Shukla Navami. The influence of the Moon is growing stronger in the waxing cycle, and we are leading up to a full Moon on Friday the 31st.

The Moon is in Libra, ruled by Venus, and in the Nakshatra of Vishaka, ruled by Jupiter. The deities of Vishaka are Indra and Agni. Indra is the god that is related to the sky, lightning and that kind of force. Agni is the god of fire who is the one who purifies our intention.

Vishaka literally means fourth branch and it is related to triumphal archway. It often has a lot to do with justice, social righteousness and causes.

In addition, the Moon is hemmed in between two malefics, Rahu in Virgo and Saturn in Scorpio. This adds pressure to the Moon – the mind and consciousness will be possibly agitated and not at ease – and the addition of Saturn ruling the day means this may be a day you’re tempted to stay in bed and not come out til late afternoon.

As it is, with so much Saturn energy evident, it’s a good day to use the best Saturn has to offer – good day for sadhana, yoga, exercise; excellent time to organize the basement, the garage, the desk; advantageous time to visit parents, uncles, elders – to help an elderly neighbor mow their lawn, or help a struggling grandma across the street. Any association with an older person in your life will be in tune with the energy of today. Any association with working for a good cause (Vishaka) would also harmonious with today’s flow. Maybe a good cause that benefits seniors.

In addition, Venus goes retrograde today and is joined with Jupiter in the sidereal sign of Leo – there’s much to reflect on with values and relationships, and there will be a certain amount of wisdom gained from that reflection.

Traditionally, an inauspicious day for traveling and ceremonies.