Moon Diary

Tuesday 7.19.16

Full Moon – Guru Purnima

Today is the 15th and final day of the waxing Moon – Shukla Purnima – Full Moon at 6:57 PM EDT. The brightness of the Moon is an indicator of strength and auspiciousness, and for any action to bear fruit, the Moon should be strong, and it is strongest when full.

Guru means remover of darkness — it is a time to be especially grateful for the light and beauty that our teachers have brought into our lives, removing ignorance and filling us with grace and inspiration.

The Moon is in the sidereal sign of Capricorn – a feminine earth sign – ruled by Saturn, and in the Nakshatra of Uttara Ashadha, whose deity is the Vishvadevas, Vedic Lords of Dharma. Dharma relates to our duty – what we are meant to do and accomplish – and so the Full Moon in this placement illuminates our earthly and spiritual truths we are to follow and pay attention to.

The Moon is ruled by and aspected by Saturn, which speaks to our commitment to our dharma – our long term determination to stick to our chosen path – to have a daily intention to follow through in word, action, and deed.

So it is a beautiful time for gratitude; being grateful for the teachers and inspirational literature that inspires us to see the Light in all we do; being grateful for each day & each moment we can be of service to others by being kind, thoughtful and considerate.

So it you are inspired by nature, maybe take a walk in the woods. If you are inspired by a Guru, light incense and candles and do a little puja in your own space if front of a picture of your beloved Master. If you are inspired by the grace that pours into your heart, then give thanks to the love that fills and surrounds you each and every day.

So the idea is just to be grateful, in an active and practical way – helping others is helping the Guru-there is no difference. Help a neighbor cut their lawn; help your kids with their play project; help your friend with a heavy heart, by listening, by being present, by holding their hand.

Traditionally, an auspicious day for ceremonies, spiritual practices, and the manifestation of wishes.