Moon on 8.21.18

Moon Diary for Tuesday 8.21.18

Tuesday is associated with Mars.

Mars is all about action, putting forth your ideas in an assertive way, and being willing to fight for what you believe. Mars is the lawyer, the soldier, will power.

Today is the 11thday of the waxing Moon, Shukla Ekadashi, and the deity is Rudra, who’s a version of Shiva. Rudra is known as the divine archer, who shoots arrows of death and disease, and who has to be implored not to slay or injure in his wrath. As a healer and a source of 1,000 remedies, he has also a beneficent aspect. Additionally, he is the god of wind and storms.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and conjunct with Saturn

.Jupiter is a sattvic and benefic planet, and represents the Guru, the teacher, the minister, higher teachings, and the husband in a woman’s chart. It is the indicator of children and the significator of luck and fortune.

Jupiter ruling the Moon almost always provides an uplifting and expanding feeling; Mars can bring anger and arguments into the realm of the mind, and also brings ambitious and competitive energy; Saturn brings restriction, delays, obstacles, and also commitment and determination.

So we have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn all in the mix for today – very much a day for getting things done – mowing the lawn, organizing the house, finishing a project at work, putting your desk in order – action being the energy manifesting in a big way.

Also, it would be a good idea to avoid conflicts – arguments, harsh words, judgments – if someone cuts you off in traffic, say a little prayer; if someone jumps the line at the food store, say a little prayer; if someone nearly dents your car with theirs, say a little prayer – it could be that kind of a day.

Traditionally it’s a day for fasting, devotional activities, and the remembrance of the Divine.