Bernie Sanders / Vedic chart


This isn’t my usual Moon Diary – this is about Bernie and his Vedic Astrology Chart.

So I’ve been noticing Bernie Sanders quotes all over the place, and I was struck by the language he uses and his relationship with words.

In Vedic Astrology, Bernie’s Mercury is exalted in the 11th house of Virgo – aha! This shows he is articulate and creative in communication, especially in speaking and dealing with the public (11th house). He easily projects as a humanitarian and has a genuine concern for the welfare of the masses. It is who he is, and he’s a natural – what you see is what you get.

Mercury is combined with Venus to give him a warm and friendly approach to communication – a diplomatic communicator with a sense of humor.

Mercury and Venus are being aspected by Jupiter adds to his charm, enhancing his communication skills , giving him teaching skills (he was a teacher) and adds to his writing acumen, while also giving him an upbeat communication style. Also gives him a disposition that is naturally gregarious and charming.

Venus is debilitated and in the last degree in Virgo; so Venus is weakened – his style of expressing love and affection may be hidden and not obvious- he could be awkward expressing love.

There’s a lot more to his chart, of course, but just one more thing in this post: He has the Moon in Pisces in the Nakshatra of Revati, ruled by that exalted Mercury. The Moon is also ruled by Jupiter (Jupiter rules Pisces), and he is in Jupiter dasha – so to boil this down, he feels for others – his Moon is operating at a high state of dignity and evolution – he has a natural understanding of death – the deity for Revati is Pushan – the Nurturer – Caretaker of animals, travelers, and departed souls. Pisces is a house of intuition and creativity, and in Bernie’s chart Pisces is the 5th house- so it’s an extremely creative placement for money, teaching, children and high ideals. The shakti of Revati is the power of nourishment, and it is a very healing and gentle placement for the Moon.

So Bernie seems to be hitting his stride at just the right time. The fact that he’s in Jupiter dasha, and Jupiter rules his 2nd and 5th houses – shows his increase in abundance and good fortune. They say Maha Lakshmi rules the trine houses, and the 5th house is a trinal house – and the 2nd house is known as the house of resources and money.

All this does NOT guarantee him being president, of course, but it does show how his rise on the political scene is confirmed in the stars. It is also a confirmation of his nature and how he operates.