Moon Diary -8.5.17

Moon Diary for August 5, 2017

Saturday is associated with Saturn.

Saturn (aka Shani) is a malefic planet, a planet of learning, and one of life’s greatest teacher.

When well placed, it gives its natives integrity, wisdom, patience, ability to lead, authority, and organizational abilities.

When not well placed or ill-aspected, it can bring miseries, sorrow, delays, disappointment, and dis-harmony.

Today is the 13th day of the waxing Moon, Shukla Trayodashi. We are moving towards a full moon, which occurs on Sunday night.

The Moon is in the sidereal sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and in the Nakshatra of Purva Ashadha (ruled by ), whose deity is Apas, deified water.

Water is related to emotions, compassion, and accommodation. It is the most forgiving, and yielding of all elements.

So today is all about Saturn with Jupiter and Venus, joined with the goddess of water.

Great day to be near water, the pool, the ocean, the river –with family & friends – sit near water, swim in water, dream of water –follow the story of emotions, which may manifest just being near water. Talk of love, of dreams, of art and music, of what gives you pleasure. Just recognize how healing water can be, how it can calm the nervous system, how it can ease the mind and relax your body – not unlike going to church or being in the wild of the woods.

Also a good day, if you are so inclined, to organize the basement,  the garage, the kitchen, the attic (if it’s not too hot). Saturn’s energy is to dive into tasks that require logic and organization – working in a slow and methodical pace – until the work is done.

Traditionally a good day for karma removing rituals and dancing.