Moon Diary for Wednesday 10.11.17

Moon Diary 10.11.117

Wednesday is associated with Mercury.

Mercury is about our ability to communicate, our intelligence, logical thinking, our curiosity.

Today is the 22nd day of the lunar cycle, Krishna Saptami, the 7th day of the waning Moon. The diety is Indra, considered the leader of the ancient Vedic deities.

Indra is the chief deity in ancient Vedic Hinduism and the god of war and rain, which were the greatest concerns of the people in India at that time. He separated the heavens and the earth by defeating Vrtra, a snake-dragon representation of chaos and obstacles. He is considered a warrior god and the lord of thunder and lightning.

Using the sidereal zodiac, the Moon is in the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and in the Nakshatra called Ardra, ruled by Rahu.

Ardra’s deity is Rudra, an early version of Shiva, who transforms, changes and destroys that which is not in accordance with Dharma, righteousness and truth. It is a Nakshatra of change, swift action, transformation, and rebelliousness.

Rahu-ruled Ardra can be stormy in character; prone to temper-tantrums, and can be seen to have a deep emotional need to feel hormonal, wild, and instinctive.

So today is all about Mercury, which rules the day (Wednesday) and the sign of Gemini, with Rudra looming large with action, courage, and transformation.

This is a good day, for communication, taking action, and being fair and thorough.

A good time for talking, writing, speaking to someone you are close to for clarity and clearing; an excellent time to call, email, text those you love, or those with whom you need to touch base; also an opportune time to organize our ideas, clear your desk, throw away anything unneeded; clean out the car; organize the attic or basement.

Maybe also give yourself time to meditate – to empty your mind and feel the peace of your own heart, calming the version of Rudra that lives inside you.

Traditionally not an auspicious day for ceremonies.